About us


Mogabout is an experience with three elements: our fabulous vehicles, our knowledgeable guide and our stunning island.

Jump into the 4 x 4 Mercedes Unimog 16 Seater, with huge windows and comfy seats and listen as our knowledgeable guide shares Arran’s secrets. With access to parts of the island you’d struggle to reach otherwise, Mogabout is TripAdvisor’s no.1 tour on the Isle of Arran. All year round you can discover Arran with us – its history, culture, geography and ecology.

Known as “Scotland in miniature” you can tick all the bucketlist boxes: standing stones, castles, distilleries, lochs, glens, beaches and woodlands. We offer Forest Tours in our Unimog and Coastal Tours in our Unimog Sprinter, each adapted for the terrain, both comfortable with huge windows.

Our goal is to show off our pristine mountains, woodlands and coastlines, while respecting and protecting the fragile nature of these unspoilt areas all year round.


Alex is the founder of Mogabout and the main guide - three others work with Mogabout during the busy months.

Alex is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast who's happiest up a mountain with his binoculars! Born in Arran, the island is in his blood. From the days of being in the junior mountain rescue to learning to dive ever deeper into the ocean's depths, Alex is always adding to his knowledge of Arran. He's a horticulturist and people person who's recently discovered a passion for neolithic history - that's a period 6000 years ago to you and me!


We want you to be safe and comfortable above all else, so we thoroughly test all our vehicles on a regular basis. Our standards are extremely high - for staff and customers alike.

Accessibility was one of the key drivers for setting up our unique Mogabout tours. We want to allow everyone to experience Arran in this unusual way, so our vehicles are customised and we make every effort to accommodate our guests.

Please contact us to discuss any specific requirements.