Arran is known as 'Scotland in miniature' - and with good reason.

Visitors are able to tick lots of boxes on the bucket list - and we're proud the Mogabout tours help people fit them all into one day!

Arran History

Arran has two castles - one in ruins in Lochranza and the other still furnished in Brodick. Both are must-see destinations.

Brodick Castle is a grand baronial castle with an estate that includes a newly refurbished children's adventure play area. There are also beautful formal gardens, waterfalls and stunning viewpoints.
Lochranza castle is a ruined towerhouse dating from the late 1200s and is open from 1 April to 30 September

Outlander fans will be delighted to know there are several standing stones and chambered cairns on the island, all with their own history and folklore. All of the Mogabout tours take in one of the standing stones sites.

The island has a fascinating history, which our knowledgeable guides will share with visitors are they drive around the island.

Arran Wildlife

Scotland's Big Five can all be found on the island: red deer, red squirrels, golden eagles, otters and harbour seals. We even have a distinctive rare white stag in residence. All the Mogabout guides are trained in spotting these wonderful creatures and know the best spots on the island to find them!

Ornithologists are spoiled for choice on Arran - both land and sea birds are plentiful, sea eagles have even been spotted!

Much of Arran is wild, from the forested areas to the beaches, and the mountains to the moors. Explore Arran's wildlife with our Mogabout guides.

Arran Forests

A quarter of the Isle of Arran is forested, much of it maintained by the Forestry Commission. Many beautiful paths have been created to beauty spots like Glenashdale Falls in the south of the island, or to Kings Caves in the north west. Visitors will find many paths are well-maintained and well sign-posted, but for an off-road experience, Mogabout is second to none!

Our guides can take you to the spots frequented by red deer and the famous white stag. They even know where you have the best chance of spotting a Golden Eagle.
We have two vehicles, one of which is adapted for mountainous terrain, so we can get you to places you'd struggle to see otherwise.

Arran Beaches

The beaches on Arran range from the flat golden sands of Kildonan to the rugged rocky cliffs in the north and everything in between. Visitors can simply explore their local shore or follow the marked trails for a more adventurous exploration of the island.  Even on winter days the beaches are stunning - take home some beautiful shells or rocks with millenia of history as a memory of this unique island.

Arran for families

The whole island is incredibly family friendly - and our tours are too! Kids are in their element exploring the beaches and forests or enjoying organised activities. Sports like horse riding, golf and cycling are easily found all around the island, and there are always interesting indoor activities happening in the various community halls, hotels, cafes and restaurants.

Live music is always on offer - even if it isn't advertised, someone will usually strike up an impromptu performance! The Auchrannie Hotel (where many of our Mogabout tours start) has a fantastic swimming pool and soft play barn - which serves great coffee too.